• Brokk AB

    Robotic Demolition Machine

    Power packed demolition robot to give you the competitive edge for demolition works by providing effectiveness and reliability to finish the job.

    Robotic Demolition Machine
  • Thermoteknix Systems

    Thermal Imaging

    Innovative technology in infrared (IR) imaging and thermal measurement based hardware, systems and software application products.

    Thermal Imaging
  • Heko Ketten GmbH

    Chain Technology

    By one of the world's leading manufacturers of hardened chains, round steel chains and accessories for bulk material conveyors since 1917.

    Chain Technology
  • Bricking Solutions

    Kiln Maintenance

    Leaders in manufacturing custom rotary kiln refractory maintenance products which make up the wellknown Circle of Refractory Maintenance.

    Kiln Maintenance
  • Standard Industrie International

    Bulk Material Handling

    Equipment to facilitate the handling of powdery bulk products safely and with respect for the environment.

    Bulk Material Handling
  • DCL Bulk Technologies

    Dust Control & Loading Systems

    World’s finest dust control and loading systems for dry bulk materials.

    Dust Control & Loading Systems


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brokk AB

Demolition Works

Remote operated, high performance robots tailor made for demolition works.


Chain Technology

Steel chains and accessories for bulk material conveyors

Radialign Laser Alignment

Kiln Refractory Maintenance

Custom rotary kiln refractory maintenance products

standard industires

Bulk Handling

Facilitate handling of powdery bulk products

Centurion TK50 Cover Option 4

Thermal Imaging

Hardware, system, and software application for infrared imaging and thermal measurement

Open Vehicle Dust Free Loading Spouts

Dust-Control and Loading System

For loading of dry bulk materials, from silos to any loading units


Reliability and Effectiveness at Its Best

[Homepage] Silo Cleaning Services

Silo Cleaning Services

Removal of hardened material using result-driven methods

[Homepage] Industrial Housekeeping

Industrial Housekeeping Services

Sustainable industrial housekeeping with labour support


Air Blaster Services

Ensuring optimal declogging services


Brokk & BBS Technical Support

Technical Support & Maintenance with genuine parts