silo cleaning services

Cardox Blasting

  • Based on liquid CO2 system, it is designed to break or aerate materials by discharging carbon dioxide at high pressure into the material.
  • Versatile and usable to almost all applications in different industries.
  • Operates without having to stop the kiln.
  • Often used on pre-heaters, cyclones, feed pipes, cooler area, rotary kiln, raw meal mill, silos hopper and bins.

Rope Access Method

  • Applications mostly for confined spaces, difficult access, and sheer structure heights.
  • Highly trained personnel are required to get the job done.

Whipping Method

  • A mechanical cleaning system powered by hydraulics which can be maneuvered to reach and clean head by simple controls.
  • Safe and fast solution for maintaining clean operating conditions in silos, bins and hoppers.
  • Eliminates the need to enter potentially dangerous or confined spaces for bulk storage, thus eliminating accidents.
  • Efficiently clears build-up using a hydraulic whip or air whip.